N Power Electric , Inc. is profoundly committed to creating the safest workplace environment possible. The elimination of potential hazards, prevention of accidents and achievement of safe working practices are daily goals. Our success is a result of our corporate wide “accident avoidance” program. N Power Electric’s obligation to the well-being of its employees begins with our full-time safety director who is tasked with ensuring that all of N Power Electric’s employees are equipped and trained in the latest safe working practices and technologies, N Power Electric , Inc. is proud of its safety culture and relentless effort to maintain an injuryfree environment. Our collaborative effort involves every member of our field team, from the top down, investing substantial hours in communication, training and education, arming our employees with the knowledge necessary to sustain our impressive record of safety without compromise.

Safety Training:

  • N Power Electric , Inc. conducts monthly Safety Committee Meetings & trainings
  • All of our employees have received training & certification in powder-actuated tools, with yearly renewal
  • Each job site is inspected by our Safety Director and an outside independent Safety Professional
  • on a regular basis
  • First aid is conducted on a regular basis
  • Weekly “Tool-box Talks” are conducted on all large projects